Secant Pile Wall at a Metro Station

David Moloney Underground Metro Station constructed using Secant Piles. A secant pile wall is constructed using intersecting cast in-situ bored piles. Soft Piles do not have reinforcement, are constructed firstly alternatingly. Hard piles that have reinforcement are constructed between and are cut into the soft piles. The secant pile wall forms an underground retaining wall that will support the faces of excavation and hold back the ground water.

Large Underground Excavated Caverns

Rocscience Inc. The stability of large excavated caverns for underground powerhouses, metro stations and other facilities require careful design as well as precisely sequenced excavation and support installation. The most significant steps in the design and construction process are discussed in this lecture, by Dr. Evert Hoek. See the video on YouTube

IHC FUNDEX F3500 with 1500mm CFA

IHC FUNDEX F3500 is making 1500mm CFA piles. The length of the pile is 30 meters. The CFA cleaner is removing the soil of the Auger. It is drilled down in about 45 min with a 470kNm Rotary head. During 1 pile ca. 50m3 of soil is coming out. IHC FUNDEX Equipment B.V.