Hydrofraise technology

Execution of diaphragm walls with hydrofraise Definition of hydrofraise A hydrofraise is a reverse circulation excavation tool which consists of a heavy steel frame with two drive gears attached to its bottom end, which rotate in opposite direction round horizontal axes. Cutter wheels area mounted onto the drive gears. As they rotate, the soil beneath the cutter is continuously removed, broken up, mixed with the bentonite slurry in the trench and moved towards the opening … Read more

Pile trimming

The trimming eliminates the polluted/dirty concrete and a minimum of sound concrete above the cut-off level, over the full cross section of a pile (Standard EN 1536: Execution of special geotechnical works: bored piles). Trimming shall be carried out without damaging the concrete, reinforcement and instrumentation of the pile. The FPS (Federation of Piling Specialists) has prepared an excellent document about breaking down of piles, which includes the most relevant technologies for pile trimming. The … Read more

Static pile load test – kentledge method

Duong Do “A frame is assembled over the pile to be tested on top of which an amount of weight (a minimum 110 to 120% of maximum test load) is safely stacked. This generally takes the form of concrete blocks of regular dimensions and weight although steel ingots can be used provided that their weight can be assessed with reasonable accuracy. The size of the testing apparatus is generally a function of the pile size … Read more

Bye-Bye to Bertha, the world’s largest tunneling machine

wsdot This time-lapse video captures the difficult and challenging work to disassemble the world’s largest-diameter tunneling machine. For four months, crews cut, hoisted and trucked away 8,000 tons of the machine’s equipment and steel, removing it from inside the tunnel it had built. Up next – finishing the double-deck highway inside and installing all the operating systems to open Seattle’s new SR 99 tunnel by early 2019.

Dynamic compaction with crane MC 96

BAUERGruppe With the innovative and technically advanced BAUER MC 96 duty-cycle crane, BAUER Maschinen GmbH is also setting new standards in dynamic compaction. A precondition for the deployment of the MC machines for this process is the state-of-the-art winch system with fully automatic control. This innovative technology provides the customer with a significant advantage in terms of machine efficiency and process optimization on the construction site. The high-performance diesel engine and the 35 ton winches … Read more