Deep foundations

Pile trimming

The trimming eliminates the polluted/dirty concrete and a minimum of sound concrete above the cut-off level, over the full cross section of a pile (Standard EN 1536: Execution of special geotechnical works: bored piles). Trimming shall be carried out without damaging the concrete, reinforcement and instrumentation of the pile. The FPS (Federation of Piling Specialists) …

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IHC FUNDEX F3500 with 1500mm CFA

IHC FUNDEX F3500 is making 1500mm CFA piles. The length of the pile is 30 meters. The CFA cleaner is removing the soil of the Auger. It is drilled down in about 45 min with a 470kNm Rotary head. During 1 pile ca. 50m3 of soil is coming out. IHC FUNDEX Equipment B.V.

Water movement in the soil

Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech Through a serie of small experiences, this video will show the basic principles governing water flows. A video inspired by Gardner W.H and Hsieh J.C., Water Movement in Soils (vidéo), Washington State University, 1959.