Ground improvement

Dynamic compaction with crane MC 96

BAUERGruppe With the innovative and technically advanced BAUER MC 96 duty-cycle crane, BAUER Maschinen GmbH is also setting new standards in dynamic compaction. A precondition for the deployment of the MC machines for this process is the state-of-the-art winch system with fully automatic control. This innovative technology provides the customer with a significant advantage in …

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Vacuum Consolidation

vizmill Vacuum consolidation (or vacuum preloading) is a soft soil improvement method that has been successfully used by geotechnical engineers and specialists of ground improvement companies in countries such as Australia, China, Korea, Thailand and France for soil improvement or land reclamation (Chu et al., 2005). It does not necessarily require surcharge fill and vacuum …

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Cutter soil mixing

Selection of 3 videos about the Cutter Soil Mixing technology (CSM). This technique consists of two cutter wheels rotating in opposite directions, milling the soil, while cement slurry is pumped through the cutter body and mixed with the soil, forming a soil-cement with improved specifications. Tecmaco Integral S.A Animation Cutter Soil Mixing Bauer BG 30. …

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