Retaining systems

Ground Anchor Stressing

“A hydraulic jack and pump are used to apply load to the tendon either at the anchor head or at a pulling head attached to the prestressing steel. The hydraulic jack must be capable of applying a concentric load to the tendon. The load should be transferred to all of the prestressing elements of the …

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Execution of Combi Walls

Combi Wall Systems LB Foster Piling. Combi-walls are piling walls that are comprised of high modulus structural components interspaced by lighter sheet piles. The high modulus components – known as king piles – can be tubular, box, bearing or other types of fabricated piles. It is essential that a stable, heavy, adequately rigid and straight …

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Top-down construction method

Gerardo Marote Contrary to a conventional construction system, where above ground floors are not built until underground works have been completed, the top-down method enables simultaneous work on both the substructure and superstructure. This technique is especially designed for buildings with a large number of basement levels and situations where distortions during basement excavation works …

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