Construction of new San Martin Market using Top – Down Method

Proceedings of the 14th European Lecture on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering “Geotechnical Engineering in Urban Environments” – Madrid 2007 (Spain) – ISBN 978-90-5966-055-7. Vol. 4, pp. 1853-1858.

Author: Gerardo Marote.

Abstract: “The top-down method has various advantages in the building of deep basements, as demonstrated by the efficient construction of the new San Martín Market in San Sebastián (Spain). The foundations of the building involved highly complex features, due to the prevailing water table and the need to embed the structure into highly resistant limestone rock. Continuous diaphragm walls were constructed about the site perimeter, using an innovative combination of trench cutter and hydraulic grab, and large diameter piles connected to vertical columns were installed from the surface”.

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