Driven piles – Papers

Design and construction of driven piles foundations. Volume I. Volume II.
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

“The design and construction of driven piles foundations manual, by the FHWA, is directed to engineers involved in pile supported structures. Volume I covers design and Volume II, construction…”.

Installation specifications for driven piles
Pile Driving Contractors Association.

“This work shall consist of furnishing and driving foundation piles of the type and dimensions designated in the contract documents, including cutting off or building up foundation piles when required. This specification also covers providing test piles and performing loading tests. Piling shall conform to and be installed in accordance with these specifications; at the location; and to the elevation, penetration, and the required ultimate pile capacity shown in the contract documents or as directed by
the Engineer…”.

Design of driven piles in sand
M. F. RANDOLPH et al.

“Design of driven piles in sand. Estimation of the axial capacity of piles driven into sand involves considerable uncertainty, and design rules are generally not consistent with the physical processes involved. This Paper reviews current understanding of the factors that determine the axial capacity of piles driven into sand, and outlines a new framework for design which takes account of the physical processes, is consistent with the existing database of load test results, and is sufficiently flexible to permit refinement as new data become available…”.

Driven piles in dense sand
Byron Byrne.

“Driven piles in dense sand: often open ended with the aim of increasing the ease of penetration of the pile. Generally, the pile tip contains an internal driving shoe in order to allow soil to enter the pile, forming a soil plug. The type of shoe influences the length of the soil plug and the ease of penetration of the pile. The paper describes the results of field tests undertaken on a 2.2 m long, by 51 mm diameter, pile, fitted with five different driving shoes and driven into dense sand…”.

Driven piles in boulder clay
Michael A Looby et al.

“This paper reviews current design practices for driven piles in boulder clays and presents the findings of an instrumented pile test programme carried out at the Croke Park site during its redevelopment in 1994…”.

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