Tremie concrete placement

jcgillen Two concrete trucks discharge into hoppers at the beginning of a deep foundation tremie pour. When the hoppers fill, the cranes lift the hoppers allowing the concrete to push the tremie plugs out the bottom of the tremie pipes and start flowing into the excavation. As the concrete rises the bentonite slurry is pumped back to the plant.

Tremie Concrete for Deep Foundations

Gerardo Marote When manufacturing concrete for deep foundations, not only slump matters! This video shows how bad concrete can be in some projects. The EFFC and the DFI have prepared an excellent document about Tremie Concrete for deep foundations. See the scope and the download link below the video. Worst concrete ever! EFFC & DFI launch Best Practice Guide to Tremie Concrete for Deep Foundations. Download the Guide “Concrete technology continues to advance rapidly and … Read more