Dynamic compaction with crane MC 96

BAUERGruppe With the innovative and technically advanced BAUER MC 96 duty-cycle crane, BAUER Maschinen GmbH is also setting new standards in dynamic compaction. A precondition for the deployment of the MC machines for this process is the state-of-the-art winch system with fully automatic control. This innovative technology provides the customer with a significant advantage in terms of machine efficiency and process optimization on the construction site. The high-performance diesel engine and the 35 ton winches … Read more

Dynamic compaction – Papers

Dynamic compaction manual Federal Highway Administration US (FHWA). “This manual provides state-of-the-practice methods and techniques to assist the highway engineer in the planning, design, and construction monitoring of dynamic compaction to improve the load supporting capacity of weak foundation soils…”. Numerical modeling of dynamic compaction in cohesive soils Khaled Mostafa. “The work presented throughout this report is concerned with studying the dynamic compaction in cohesive soils. Two-dimension and three-dimension finite element models were developed. Modified … Read more