Crazy Rock Fall

crazyweathernews Crazy Rock Fall and Landslide in Taiwan Badouzi on August 31, 2013. Almost accident with a car. Shocking video!

Trench soil collapse

SEMCTRTF This video was produced by the Operating Engineers Local 825 for the OSHA excavation training. Watch the spoil pile angle of repose, lack of set back and the lip on the left of the trench. This is why all trench & excavation rescue incidents should be treated as Class “C” soil and unstable until …

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Huge rock collapse in China

euronews (in English) Caught on tape: Huge rocks collapse, fall on highway in China. A rockfall blocked a section of highway in the southwestern Chinese city of Guiyang on Monday. Huge rocks collapsed only minutes after highway patrol inspectors had stopped traffic from passing the road section due to peculiar sounds coming from the mountain …

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