Extreme soil liquefaction

Dirt Ninja “Another quick video of the liquid earth. This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen on a job. The dirt was literally moving in waves as you can see…”.

Why does liquefaction occur?

MinuteEarth The liquefaction phenomenon of soil deposits can be described as the reduction of shear strength due to pore pressure buildup in the soil skeleton. This video explain this situation in a very comprehensive way!

Liquefaction – Papers

Liquefaction potential of cohesionless soils STATE OF NEW YORK DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. “This report provides basic knowledge about liquefaction of cohesionless soils under seismic loading. Presented also are the most widely accepted methods for evaluating the liquefaction potential of cohesionless oils in level ground, for estimating earthquake-induced settlements and for analyzing slope stability against flow …

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