Pipe jacking with hydroshield – Azerbaijan project

In this type of drilling, the pipe is used as a final element of the tunnel and at the same time during the advance must be able to transmit the pushing force to the TBM (Hydroshield, EPB or open shield). The advance is made through the push made by a set of main jacking cylinders intalled in the starting shaft on the jacking pipe. This pipe has been manufactured in accordance with strict rules, in … Read more

Pipe jacking with open shield

The election of this type of perforation is influenced in great way of the type of ground and surface area of influence. Is absolutely necessary not to have groundwater levels and the ground has to be cohesive. This boring technic is inadvisable in free ground without cohesion, hard ground or in water presence. The execution of pipe jacking with open shield, is realized by a SHIELD that has incorporated a perforation tool, depending on the … Read more