Execution of Combi Walls

Combi Wall Systems LB Foster Piling. Combi-walls are piling walls that are comprised of high modulus structural components interspaced by lighter sheet piles. The high modulus components – known as king piles – can be tubular, box, bearing or other types of fabricated piles. It is essential that a stable, heavy, adequately rigid and straight pile-driving template frame, adapted to suit the length and weight of the pilings, be provided…”. Bruce Colson “28.5-33.0 metres long … Read more

How deep can a pile be driven?

Usual depths for concrete precast piles range from a few meters to around 30 m, but under special circumstances piles have been driven down to 150 m! Steel circular piles in offshore works can go much deeper. Offshore ultra-deepwater projects are somtehing else… Take a look at the following video, which explains how to install piles in deep water. These works have been carried out with water depths over two thousand metes! HydrohammerChannel