Offshore works

Offshore piles construction

Gerardo Marote Construction phases for the installation of offshore piles: 1. Mobilization of barge and equipment. 2. Guide frame installation. 3. Casing positioning. 4. Casing driving. 5. Pile excavation. 6. Cage installation. 7. Concreting.

Execution of Combi Walls

Combi Wall Systems LB Foster Piling. Combi-walls are piling walls that are comprised of high modulus structural components interspaced by lighter sheet piles. The high modulus components – known as king piles – can be tubular, box, bearing or other types of fabricated piles. It is essential that a stable, heavy, adequately rigid and straight …

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How deep can a pile be driven?

Usual depths for concrete precast piles range from a few meters to around 30 m, but under special circumstances piles have been driven down to 150 m! Steel circular piles in offshore works can go much deeper. Offshore ultra-deepwater projects are somtehing else… Take a look at the following video, which explains how to install …

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