Pile trimming

The trimming eliminates the polluted/dirty concrete and a minimum of sound concrete above the cut-off level, over the full cross section of a pile (Standard EN 1536: Execution of special geotechnical works: bored piles). Trimming shall be carried out without damaging the concrete, reinforcement and instrumentation of the pile. The FPS (Federation of Piling Specialists) has prepared an excellent document about breaking down of piles, which includes the most relevant technologies for pile trimming. The … Read more

Joints Precast Piles

“ABB pile joints are used to join precast reinforced concrete piles while providing high bending moment strength. The pile joints are placed in the mould before the pile is cast. During pile driving, eccentric forces may cause horizontal vibrations in the pile that threaten to remove the locking pins from the locking block.The lock mechanism of the joint ensures that the joint remains intact during pile driving”. Joints Precast Piles by LEIMET. Download Brochure.