Huge sinkhole in Japan! – Part 2

Parts of a main street collapsed in the heart of a major city in southern Japan on Tuesday, creating a massive sinkhole and cutting off power, water and gas supplies to parts of the city. ABC Action News

Huge sinkhole in Japan! – Part 1

Shocking Moments Huge Sinkhole Opens In Japanese City, A huge sinkhole has opened in the centre of a Japanese city, prompting concern for commercial buildings perched precariously on its edge. VO MEDIA

Sinkhole simulation

British Geological Survey Some rocks such as salt, gypsum, chalk and limestone can be dissolved by groundwater on a local scale, causing the collapse of the overlying ground. This collapse is called a sinkhole. In this model, the white area labelled soluble rock is salt. As the water filters down through the rocks above, the …

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