Long reach excavator on soil nailing

Channel: digga375 60 tonne long reach excavator with drill rig and mast attached to dipper arm. This weighs around 2 tonnes and the CAT 345 long reach handles this beautifully. This 2 tonne rig is being used to drill rock anchors or nails into the embankment at depths over 12 metres. Wet weather led to a slope failure and the long reach excavator cut the slope to a new shallower profile and then installed the … Read more

Soil Nailing – Papers

Guide to Soil Nail design and construction Civil Engineering and Development Department. The Government of the Hong Kong. Special Administrative Region. “This Geoguide presents a recommended standard of good practice for the design, construction, monitoring and maintenance ofsoil-nailed systems in Hong Kong…”. Design and construction guidelines for a soil nail wall system New York State Department of Transportation “The Designer shall consult with the Regional Geotechnical Engineer (RGE) as early as possible in the design … Read more